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NVP3D - Preview set
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All films of this website were shot by the studio NVP3D

How to view the videos on the site

NVP3D uses Flash to display its documentaries. It is important to have a recent version. If you run into trouble, here are some suggestions.

1) Check your Flash version

You will need version 9 or higher. We actually recommend you instal version 10.

Check my version

2) Download the latest version

It’s simple to download the latest version. Just follow the instructions given by Macromedia. Close your navigator if necessary.

Download Flash version 10

3) Open your navigator

After the installation, you will need to re-start your navigator for the update take effect. In fact, some navigators require that you shut them down during installation.

4) Check your player

Follow these links to check that everything works.

Demo film about Anticythera