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NVP3D - Preview set
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All films of this website were shot by the studio NVP3D

The company

NVP3D Nicolet Vidéo Productions 3D produces films for television, cinema, private companies and public organisations.

NVP was founded in 1992 in the Croix-sur-Lutry, near Lausanne (Switzerland). Julien Cuendet joined the next year. In 1994, one of NVP’s first tasks was to create the news service for the Lausanne television channel TVRL. In the channel’s first 5 years, NVP produced all the news programmes (infoHebdo, and later InfoRL). It later created the debate show Point Chaud and Dreamer, on the country of origin of immigrants.

On an international level, NVP has been collaborating since 1996 with the Jean Monnet for Europe Foundation, presided over by Henri Rieben until 2005. The history of Swiss-Europe relations includes over a hundred filmed interviews of about 150 minutes, and features both contemporary Swiss personalities and Europeans who were influential in the building of the European Union.

In 2000, Philippe Nicolet launched Swiss Watch TV S.A. with the trademark NVP3D assigned to its stereoscopic films from 2005 onwards.

In September 2007, NVP3D launched the world’s first internet sites with 3D reportage, leman 3d.ch and nvp3d.com.

In 2008, three NVP3D documentaries were shown in Beijing during the Olympic games.

In August 2010, NVP3D presented the first small 3D monitor for viewing without glasses. Autonomous and portable, the FreeD player was developed by the Chinese firm Inlife, with input from NVP3D which acted as a test pilot.  

NVP3D documentaries are filmed everywhere on the planet and treat with a wide variety of subjects: 3D concerts of famous rock bands such as YES and Deep Purple, films for the most prestigious watch brands, under-sea documentaries, presentations of CERN projects, etc.

In 2010, NVP3D was mandated by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs to create a film for the Summit of French-speaking people.

In 2011, NVP3D was mandated by the European Commission for a scientific documentary in Great Britain and Finland.

In the same year, NVP3D organised the second 3D documentary film festival at the Bicubic theatre in Romont.

At the end of 2011, several NVP3D films were being shown in museums and exhibitions in New York and Paris.