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All films of this website were shot by the studio NVP3D

Claude Nobs's Montreux Jazz Festival

Claude Nobs' Montreux Jazz Festival

Saturday, the 28th of September, in the Bicubic theater at Romont




Claude Nobs himself chose the date of Saturday, 28 September 2013. The event has indeed taken place, and has been dedicated to Claude. Mathieu Jaton acted as Master of Ceremonies.


The event begun at 4pm with various 3D animations and demonstrations. In particular, Paul du Marchie, who is known for his creation of an Egyptian crypt under the stony walls of Caux, but has also taken amazing Hasselblad stereo photos, presented his recent work at a stand in the theatre gallery.


At 8pm the 3D film Music Making History  by Philippe Nicolet has been projected with the technical contribution of the French Stereo Club. See the presentation in PDF.