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All films of this website were shot by the studio NVP3D

The team

NVP3d is a team with high artistic and professional standards. We have a broad international perspective and more than 20 years’ film industry experience. We are a group of people who love filming and are dedicated and passionate about our work. We have a pioneering spirit and enjoy challenges.

Behind our main production team, there is an even larger consultant team consisting of senior experts from various industries, such as watchmaking, Archeology, music, computer graphics, medical, and from the European Union. We are also engaged in long term collaboration with universities, science labs and museums from various countries.


Philippe Nicolet


Philippe Nicolet, born January 4, 1953 in Lausanne, is a Swiss film director of both documentaries and fiction. Journalist and scriptwriter, he was the first editor-in-chief of the Lausanne television station before embarking on a project tracing the history of relations between Switzerland and the European Union for the Jean Monnet Foundation, of which Professor Henri Rieben was the president. In addition to documentary footage filmed in some fifty countries, he became known for his hundreds of interviews of political, scientific and artistic personages. In 2005, Nicolet began creating 3D films.

See his CV on Wikipedia:



Julien Cuendet

Cameraman, editor and artistic director


Born in 1974, Julien Cuendet chose video as the theme for his final school project including making a short film in which people fly. Philippe Nicolet was impressed with his talent and hired him in 1993.

The two videomen have worked together from that moment, and direct all of NVP and NVP3D activities jointly.

Director of photography and editor, Julien Cuendet is also known as the inventor of various innovative solutions such as a 3D application for video editing.


Yves Noël

Caméraman, monteur, vidéaste

Having studied at the Fribourg Ecole d’Art, Yves Noël specialized in both photo and video. After working in the shooting and editing of 2D films, he joined NVP and became a 3D expert, participating in both shooting and editing.


Ludovic Coste

Cameraman, editor, developer, light technician

He started as an intern at NVP in early 2010, and has since become a 2D/3D editor, composer, lighting and photography assistant.


Fabien Tafelmacher


A webmaster since 2007, he participated in the launch of Léman 3D and of NVP3D. During the same period, he has also maintained the Swiss Watch TV site.